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519 NW 10th Ave., Gainesville - SE corner of NW 10th Ave. at NW 6th St.

Welcome to Eager Pup, serving "pups" of all ages in Gainesville, FL and neighboring communities!  We use positive reinforcement and relationship based methods to teach your dog how to best fit into your lifestyle.  We work with your dog's nature and train with brains, not brawn.  Training is fast, fun and effective! 

Group Classes                                                                    Private Lessons

Puppy Playgroup                                                        Problem Prevention

Basic Obedience & Manners 1 & 2                            Problem Resolution 

Advanced Skills                                                           New Puppy     

Treibball                                                                       New Dog

  Small Dog Play & Learn                        

Very Small Dog Play & Learn

 K9 Nose Work®


Private Lessons are arranged through Melanie and may be provided at your home or the Eager Pup Studio.  Contact Melanie for more details at Eager.Pup@hotmail.com.

Obedience classes, Treibball and Nose Work re-start about every 8 weeks.  Playgroups and Advanced Skills re-start about every 4 weeks.  We also offer other seasonal courses such as Over, Under, Around & Through (OUAT) and Simple Sequence Tunnels & Jumps (SSTJ) and free TailBlazers Dog Hikes.  Check back often!  Got a request?  Let us know!        


Melanie Phillpot, CPDT-KA, CNWI
Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Nose Work Instructor
Contact Us at : 352.871.5698, Eager.Pup@hotmail.com